Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is recommended for all hair types. Thanks to macadamia oil and other beneficial ingredients in the composition your hair will be smooth, soft and full of gloss.

Check out this product and see if it will help you restore your hair with beautiful appearance. You will not regret it.

dove-pure-care-dry-oilDove Pure Care Dry Oil – action and properties

Is your hair matte, weak and damaged? Dove Pure Care Dry Oil will help it out! You just need to use it on regular basis and accordingly to the instructions placed on the packaging. And what is the action of this hair oil? The cosmetic deeply nourishes scalp and hair bulbs. It protects strands against sun radiation, high temperature produced by hair dryer or straightener, but also against other harmful factors. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil smooths hair, ensures gloss and softens. Moreover, this cosmetic has light texture, is easy in use, does not allow greasy layer on hair surface and will not weigh it down.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil – use

Two or three pumps of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil apply at the half of hair length. Remember to first wash hair in order to remove sebum, dandruff and other cosmetics. To finish the treatment dry hair with blow dryer or allow them to dry on its own. You can also try other means of use Dove Pure Care Dry Oil. Apply cosmetic half an hour before hair wash, then wash it down with gentle shampoo. You can also spread oil on clean and dry hair. Thanks to it, strands are going to be more elastic and hydrated. To enhance action of your favourite conditioner or hair mask, complement them with some Dove Pure Care Dry Oil.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil – ingredients

In Dove Pure Care Dry Oil are vegetable oils such as: macadamia, pomegranate, almond and sunflower. Each of them contains precious to hair and scalp, vitamins and minerals. Pomegranate oil has antioxidants and regenerating action, hydrates dry and irritated skin, protects against UV radiation. Sunflower oil inhibits ageing processes, eliminates free radicals, improves general appearance and hair condition. The remaining two ingredients in Dove Pure Care Dry Oil: macadamia and almond oil, provide hair with moisture, strength and regeneration. These condition damaged and overly dry strands as well as irritated scalp.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil – where to buy it?

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is quite popular and easily available. You can find it at the drugstores, cosmetic shops or a hair salon. What is more, you can purchase this hair oil also online, on the Internet auctions and online shops with products for hair care.


  • light-weight formula
  • quick and easy application
  • hydrates, ensures gloss and smooths hair
  • antioxidant action
  • protects hair and scalp against UV radiation
  • efficient – 100 ml/3.4 fl. oz. volume
  • easily available


  • intense and bland fragrance