Moroccanoil Treatment Original

Moroccanoil Treatment Original perfectly takes care of hair, strengthens and nourishes it. It contains one of the most precious oils used in hairdressing and many girls – argan oil.

This product line holds also oil dedicated for weak and fair hair, Moroccanoil Treatment Light.

moroccanoil-treatment-originalMoroccanoil Treatment Original – action and properties

Healthy and well-taken care of, glossy and strong. This is what your hair will be like after use Moroccanoil Treatment Original. Thanks to it, hair styling and brushing will become much easier and faster. What’s curious, the cosmetic can be used as a conditioner or a finish serum. Besides, this oil protects hair against free radicals, sun radiation, high temperature, various unfavourable factors from the external world.

Moroccanoil Treatment Original – use

One or two pumps of Moroccanoil Treatment Original rub in clean and damp hair. Then dry it or leave to dry on its own. You can always apply cosmetic on dry strands to smoother them and provide with gloss. By using cosmetic this way, you additionally nourish and regenerate ends. Did you know that few drops of Moroccanoil Treatment Original can be mixed with your favourite hair mask or conditioner to ensure even better nourishment and moisture? You must try it!

Moroccanoil Treatment Original – ingredients

Moroccanoil Treatment Original contains argan oil. Its rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. Argan oil is called liquid gold of Morocco due to its colour and location it is obtained from. It perfectly improves hair and scalp condition, but also takes care of face and body skin as well as fingernails and cuticles around them.

Moroccanoil Treatment Original – where to buy it?

Sadly, this cosmetic is available exclusively on the Internet and in large hairdressing warehouses. There is no point in looking for it at the local drugstore or smaller cosmetic shops. Depending on the volume and where you buy it, Moroccanoil Treatment Original price can vary from the one suggested by the manufacturer.


  • argan oil in the composition
  • rich in vitamin E and antioxidants
  • bottle made of dark glass
  • pleasing scent
  • lightweight formula


  • argan oil is not recommended for all hair types
  • lack of applicator
  • no hair growth enhancement
  • ends and damaged hair are restored only at the end of few months treatment
  • price too high for the volume