Be like a bollywood star – perform hair oiling

Hair oiling is very popular hair and scalp care method. The trend has travelled from the Middle East. Arab and Indian women apply oils on their hair, so that it would be beautiful and healthy for longer. Many hair lovers are already familiar with hair oil treatment and they always highly recommend it. This treatment helped many people to deal with split ends, irritated scalp, dandruff and damaged strands.

If you also would like your hair to look beautiful, try this method now.

hair-oil-optionsWhat is hair oiling?

Hair oiling is about applying oil on the entire hair, on the scalp or the ends alone. Where to and how you apply oil depends on you. The treatment is recommended for everyone, no matter age or gender. It will regenerate dry, weak, brittle and damaged hair. Thanks to such care, your strands will become glossy, healthy, easy to comb, resistant to damage. Skin cells in scalp will be better supplied with oxygen, sebaceous glands will normalise and hair bulbs will be stronger.

How can you prepare for hair oiling?

So that the treatment provide looked-for result, wash hair to cleanse it of excess sebum, dirt and cosmetic residues. This will also allow you to get rid of silicones, paraffin and other products that leave hair with thick and greasy layer. Shampoo with SLS dilute with water, and after finished hair oil treatment apply hair mask or moisturising conditioner.

What oil for hair oiling?

The choice of oil depends on hair porosity, the level of damage and type of scalp. Start with oils you have in your kitchen. Great is sunflower seed oil, olive oil or grape seed oil. In the drugstores, healthy food stores or on the Internet are plenty cosmetic oils. These products match professional hair care. Choose out of such oils as: maize, coconut, linseed, argan, tamanu, sweet almond, jojoba, avocado, macadamia. Remember that scalp and hair ends can be treated with entirely different cosmetics. Why? The parts of hair can vary with the porosity and level of damage.

How often should you perform hair oiling?

If your hair is damaged, perform hair oiling quite often. Once a week is enough, tough. Always keep in mind that frequent hair oiling requires equally frequent hair wash. By using shampoos with highly cleansing action, you remove protective layer and cause excess sebum secretion. Equally important is the time dedicated for leaving oil on hair. The treatment can provide satisfactory results if rinsed only after few hours. Nonetheless, even better effects can be observed when oil is left on hair overnight. And how much oil you should apply on hair? This depends on the length and thickness. Some people need only two drops, while others – two table spoons.

Hair oiling methods. Which of them are you familiar with?

There are plenty hair oiling methods. The most popular are: dry, wet, mist, with conditioner, with spray serum and hair oiling in the bowl. Dry hair oil treatment is based on applying oil on dry and still unwashed hair. Sadly, sebum, pollution and cosmetic residues can limit access of nourishing ingredients to the inner hair structures. This is why you should try wet hair oil treatment. Soak strands and then apply oil. After about an hour wash your hair with shampoo and warm water.

Instead of water, use hair mist. Even the one you make on your own at home. You can complement drugstore mist with additional moisturising ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, protein or aloe. What is another method based on? Hair oil treatment with conditioner is about combining oil with other conditioning cosmetic. Choose conditioner free of silicones, paraffin and other unfavourable substances. On damp hair apply conditioner, then oil. After approximately an hour wash and dry hair.

Probably the best hair oiling method is with hand made cosmetics. Mix oil, conditioner/hair mask and water (you can use alea juice instead of water). Pour it into the bottle with atomiser, then use it as you wish. The last method involves dipping hair in a bowl with water and oil. Wet strands wrap in the towel and after an hour or two, thoroughly wash down.