Khadi Amla

Amla is an Indian herb used in medicine and cosmetology. Many people value it for its incredible healing properties. What is more, this herb can be found in Khadi hair oil. Use this product and see for yourself whether it will help your hair. Perhaps it turn out to be the best you ever used.

khadi-amlaKhadi Amla – action and properties

Strengthens, heals, protects and hydrates. This is how Khadi Amla works. Are there any other properties to this cosmetic? Of course, there are. This cosmetic prevents premature grey hair, hair loss and split ends. It protects hair against sun radiation, pollution from the environment, dryness causing ingredients contained in some shampoos and hair dyes. Besides, Khadi Amla provides gloss and softens strands, strengthens hair bulbs, restores damages, limits sebum secretion, speeds up hair growth and helps with dandruff.

If you have blonde hair, you should limit its use to the minimum because this oil can cause darkening.

Khadi Amla – use

Remember that prior to every application you should shake the bottle; Khadi Amla has quite thick consistency. One tea spoon massage is scalp and hair. If you want even better effect, leave oil for few hours, then rinse it with delicate shampoo. Khadi Amla should be used at least twice or three times a week. Sadly, manufacturer did not equip the bottle in any applicator. Therefore, people who just start their adventure with hair oiling may experience some difficulties in use of this cosmetic.

Khadi Amla – ingredients

Khadi Amla has amazingly diverse composition, full of nourishing and active substances. It contains among many: sunflower oil, amla oil, bhringraj oil, neem, nagarmotha, tulsi, sesame oil, almond oil, henna. Oils take care of hair and scalp condition, while Indian herbs have healing properties.

Khadi Amla – where to buy it?

It is easily available cosmetic. You can buy it online, in the drugstores and health food stores. It is best to order it at the manufacturer’s website. One bottle has 100 ml/3.4 fl. oz. volume. If you buy Khadi Amla, you will not regret it – this oil is extra efficient. On top of that, it works perfectly for all hair types.


  • supports hair growth
  • prevents premature grey hair
  • provides gloss, softness and great condition
  • natural composition
  • regenerates damaged ends


  • can darken hair
  • intense smell
  • lack of pump or pipette