Ultimate Hair Detox: Discover the Superb Effect of Activated Charcoal

So, your hair looks limp, flat, it’s non-stop greasy and you need a thing that will bring the balance back? Clearing the hair of oil, product buildup and toxins settling throughout the day makes the base of hair care. Ideally you should make use of a natural and well-known ingredient that has a super-detoxifying effect. Activated charcoal is the best clarifying agent. Learn more about the stunner and its role in hair care.

Activated charcoal. What’s that?

Activated charcoal is made from natural substances e.g. wood pulp – the process aims to create a highly effective adsorbent boasting the power to attract pollutants and contaminants. It takes the form of black powder. This is the same charcoal people buy to treat stomach problems.

Who is going to like activated charcoal the most? It’s going to appeal to city dwellers, dry-shampoo users and all people struggling with limp-looking, flat, dull, lifeless strands. Activated charcoal products should make an essential element of your beauty routine – e.g. in form of a hair mask used on a weekly basis.

Activated charcoal – benefits for hair

Because charcoal is high in hair and scalp-clarifying ingredients, it makes a perfect detoxifier. When you use it the right way, it doesn’t only aid you in caring for heavy, oily hair but also frees you from the bad effect of pollution on your strands. There are modern-day enemies that all city dwellers encounter: pollutants build up on the hair and skin, clogging the outlets of sebum glands and worsening the condition of scalp and hair. Thankfully, activated charcoal is able to find and catch the particles that are even several times heavier! Summing up, it’s a powerful hero that keeps the body, skin and hair clean and safe.

Effect of activated charcoal on hair

  • healthy, clean hair
  • healthy scalp
  • shine boost
  • superb volume

Activated charcoal: how to use it on hair? See top products

Use it in many different ways and blends. For example, enriching your shampoo with some charcoal powder makes your hair less greasy, clears the scalp and adds volume. Hair looks full of life and luminous.

There is another perfect product that turns out to be better at removing the dirt and pollutants – it’s a hair mask feat. charcoal. Because you leave it in for longer, it has more time to give a more intensive effect, ensuring in-depth cleansing.

Cleansing the hair on a regular basis helps you keep the hair healthy but also lets you enjoy lovely, voluminous strands that beam with life and are free from toxins and dirt.