5 simple methods to painlessly comb out the hair

Combing the hair – the nightmare of all women with long hair. Do it before or after the hair wash? Use a brush or a comb? How to do it to avoid pulling and to not rip out the hair? Here’s a brief manual with 5 methods on how to comb out the hair painlessly.

Meet the simple and proven ways to comb out the hair that will help you avoid spending long hours on untangling the hair, part after part, minute after minute. The truth is that every hair can be brushed painlessly. You just need to know-how.

How to brush the hair fast and painlessly?

[1] Choose the right brush.

The most important is to choose the right accessories for brushing the hair. You cannot comb out the thick and tangling hair with a small comb. It’ll break with the first try to tame the hair. You will need a solid brush with thick and widely spread bristles.

Here’s a short cheat sheet as to which brush is best for given hair type:

  • for fine hair, best is a brush with natural bristles, such as boar bristle because it strengthens hair with natural keratin;
  • for long hair, you should try brush or wooden comb with hard teeth, you can also try very popular lately Tangle Teezer;
  • for curly hair, best is a wide-tooth comb because a regular brush can cause frizziness.

[2] Use hair oil.

It will be easier to brush the hair that is elastic, soft, and smooth. You can obviously use special products for it such as stylization mist or liquid silk. However, you have to be careful because those can contain ingredients that with prolonged use can cause dryness.

It is best to use natural oils. Hair oil treatment before hair wash allows you to regenerate, repair, and strengthen the hair. On the other hand, a little bit of oil applied to the strands after the hair wash will coat hair with thin velvety layer that will prevent hair from becoming frizzy. What is more, the hair will be smooth and easy to brush. It’s a very natural solution that actually works!

[3] Brush the hair before washing.

If you want to brush the hair easily after the washing and avoid pulling, you need to brush it beforehand. Thanks to it, the hair won’t tangle this much during the hair wash, and once towel dried it will be easier to comb it out. Preventing is always better solution and that involves this case as well, so instead of looking for a solution on how to untangle the hair, you should find the cause of the tangling and eliminate it from the equation.

[4] Be gentle with your hair.

It is the point where it should be mentioned that hair often tangle because you are not very gentle with it. You pull it during the washing, rub it with the towel, and tangle when using a hairdryer. It all makes hair difficult to comb out and more prone to damage and brushing problems. Therefore, you should show your hair some love and be gentler with it, then it will be easier to comb it.

[5] Brush hair correctly.

If you want to brush the hair painlessly, quickly, and efficiently, you should get to know the techniques in combing. Usually, we do it by placing the brush at the top of the head and pulling it downwards. Wrong. It is better to brush hair in small sections and using only the tip of the brush and not the entire surface of the brush. Start by combing the ends and then step by step move upwards. This way you minimize the surface at which hair and brush meet so there is less likely that the brush will get tangled in the hair.