How NOT TO apply hair oils? See the hair-care junkie tips!

Does hair oil treatment make your hair flat and weighed down? Or maybe the other way round – it leaves the strands frizzy and unruly? Using hair oils seems to be easy but there are actually some small details you can learn to avoid the fail. The tips from the hair-care junkies will help you introduce some good rules into the beauty routine. See the most popular mistakes girls make while applying oils to hair and how to never make them again!

How NOT TO apply hair oils? Hair-care junkie guide

1. Too much of a good thing

There’s a common misconception that the more mask/conditioner/oil you apply, the easier it is to repair the hair. We also like to overuse moisturizers, body lotions and even fragrances. In essence, we tend to over-apply beauty products. Usually, half of what we use is enough. The moderation is welcome mostly when using hair-care products, oils in particular. Too much oil is hard to wash out and it overburdens the strands. So, remember to use from 5 to 10 ml of oil (match the amount to your hair length).

2. Too little oil fails to repair hair

If you apply a super-small dose of oil and you can’t even tell if it’s enough to cover the lengths and scalp – you probably use too little.

Lots of girls are afraid of greasy strands so they use the smallest amount that is insufficient to nourish the hair. Neither overload nor deficiency of fatty acids is good for your hair.

3. Oil you pick is not right for your hair porosity

This is a classic hair-oil mistake. The proportion of fatty acids and the size of molecules differ for different oils. In other words, each one has a unique effect so choose the right one for your hair type, that is the porosity. If you have no idea how to define it, do one of the online tests, for example here

Find out what type your hair is and which oils make the best pick.

4. You don’t wash the oil out properly

Washing an oil out may be tricky because many oils resist shampooing. Obviously applying too much or choosing wrong oil may be the wrongdoer. Thankfully, there is an evergreen remedy: before rinsing the oil, apply a hair mask, leave it in for 3 minutes and wash the products out. The mask helps remove the greasy oil through neutralizing it. The oil particles cling to the mask and they come off together. Next, you just shampoo and style the hair as usual. This easy trick frees you from greasy stringy strands after oil treatment.