Redken Diamond Oil

There is no other oil like this one when it comes to gloss. Redken Diamond Oil is recommended for matte, dry and damaged hair. If you want your hair to be beautiful, try this product and you will not regret it.

redken-diamond-oilRedken Diamond Oil – action and properties

Redken Diamond Oil provides hair with incredible gloss and smoother. If your hair are difficult to style, are frizzing and deprived of gloss, this is what you need. What is more, Redken Diamond Oil makes combing easier, speeds up drying time and tames unruly strands. If you plan on attending the party or family gathering, you should try this oil.

Certainly everyone will be envious of your hair style and its gloss.

Redken Diamond Oil – use

To smoother hair and make it glossy, two or three drops of Redken Diamond Oil are enough. Remember to warm it in hands before applying on hair. Product can be used prior to hair wash and drying, on dry or damp hair, directly on scalp or as an additional ingredient for hair masks and conditioners. You can use Redken Diamond Oil as a beautifying treatment.

Redken Diamond Oil – ingredients

In Redken Diamond Oil are three vegetable oils: peach, camellia and coriander seed. These ingredients hold essential unsaturated fatty acids, lots of vitamins and minerals. Product consists of also silicones, which not always have good impact on hair. Peach oil, camellia oil and coriander seed oil are perfect for matte and unruly hair treatment.

Redken Diamond Oil – where to buy it?

Redken Diamond Oil can be easily purchased. In spite of its high price, women are more than keen on using it. Look for it at the drugstore, hairdressing shop or on the Internet. You must try it.


  • smooths frizzing and fly-away hair
  • provides gloss
  • easy application
  • nice scent
  • elegant bottle


  • not recommended for all hair types
  • effects take long time to be observed
  • nourishment and hydration are minor
  • hair ‘gets use to’ the cosmetic
  • silicones in the composition