Davines Ol Oil

Davines Ol Oil is a cosmetic recommended for hair care and styling of all hair types. If your hair is dry or matte and curling takes forever, then this oil is what you need. Additional easy application and efficiency make this product desirable and frequently chosen option by many women. Will you be keen on buying it as well?

davines-ol-oilDavines Ol Oil – action and properties

Hair deprived of gloss, difficult to style, with fly-aways? If that is what your hair are like, then Davines OI Oil is just what you may look for. This product ensures natural gloss, smooths, prevents frizzing and fly-away hair. What is more, it makes combing and styling easier, but also prevents tangling. Davines OI Oil has antioxidant properties, which means that it eliminates free radicals, inhibits ageing processes in scalp and limits hair loss. The cosmetic contains silicones, that create protective layer on hair surface.

This way hair is protected against harmful external factors, sun radiation and dryness causing substances contained in some cosmetics.

Davines Ol Oil – use

Two or three drops of oil apply on damp hair. This way you smoother its structure and prevent frizzing and fly-away hair. The same amount is enough to provide hair style with gloss and regenerate ends. Just apply cosmetic on washed and dry hair. This application method makes hair styling less challenging. Every application will be even easier with pipette, that every bottle is equipped with.

Davines OI Oil – ingredients

Davines OI Oil contains light silicones and roucou oil. First ingredients cover hair with protective layer; still allowing nourishing substances into inner hair structures. However, roucou oil eliminates free radicals, protects against harmful external factors, regenerates damaged hair and prevents premature grey hair.

Davines OI Oil – where to buy it?

Cosmetic is easily available – you will find it on the Internet, hairdressing shop and big drugstores. If you care about beautiful hair and healthy scalp, you have to pay greater amount of money for Davines OI Oil.


  • roucou oil
  • easy application
  • pretty smell
  • easily available
  • regenerates and nourishes
  • smooths and provides gloss


  • treatment effects are long to be seen
  • can weight hair down
  • high price for small volume