L’Oreal Mythic Oil

In spite of containing only two oils, its action is pretty amazing. It is recommended for all hair types, no matter the colour, length and thickness. However, remember to always choose the cosmetic accordingly to the porosity of your hair. Let’s see if L’Oreal Mythic Oil can help you with hair styling and beautification of hair style.

Try it to find out whether natural ingredients in its content can regenerate your strands.

loreal-mythic-oilL’Oreal Mythic Oil – action and properties

L’Oreal Mythic Oil smooths, prevents frizzing and fly-away hair, but also ensures matte streaks with gloss; this is the effect you obtain at the end of the treatment. This is why if you care for gorgeous effects, use cosmetic on regular basis, accordingly to the description on the back of the packaging. How does L’Oreal Mythic Oil work? It tames even extremely unruly hair, prevents tangling, helps with styling and combing. On top of it, the cosmetic makes hair glossy.

L’Oreal Mythic Oil – use

Just few drops are enough to style hair and provide it with full of gloss look. Apply this oil on dry hair, the moment before styling. You can also use it prior to hair wash. It is because it contains silicones, that cover hair with protective layer. It makes it impossible for dryness causing ingredient in shampoo to get to inner hair structures.

L’Oreal Mythic Oil – ingredients

Apart from silicones, L’Oreal Mythic Oil contains two vegetable oils: avocado and grape seed. First of them is rich in vitamins and minerals, while the other one consists of natural antioxidants and vitamin E. These ingredients take care of right hair care and scalp condition. Regular application is required to obtain the looked-for results.

L’Oreal Mythic Oil – where to buy it?

Products from L’Oreal are widely available and easy to obtain at the drugstore. What is more, L’Oreal Mythic Oil can be found in many hairdressing shops. Obviously, it is the easiest to get on the Internet.


  • provides gloss, smoother and prevents frizzing
  • easy to use
  • lightweight formula
  • makes combing and hair styling easier
  • pretty packaging


  • not for every hair type
  • does not regenerate or nourish
  • silicones in composition can make difficult for nourishing ingredients to be absorbed
  • does not eliminate dandruff
  • does not speed up hair growth